Elbert Insights: Your Inside Track to Contractor Knowledge

Restoration Builders Acquires Elbert Construction

10/15/2019 - Noblesville, IN
Scottsdale, Arizona – October 15, 2019 - Restoration Builders, Inc. (“Restoration Builders” or “The Company”) announced today that it has completed the asset purchase of Elbert Construction, LLC. (“Elbert Construction”)
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Winter Proofing a Midwest Home

10/10/2019 - Noblesville, IN
Midwest winters are some of the most brutal seasons anywhere in the country. Here in Indianapolis, we experience below-freezing temperatures, blankets of snow on the ground and buildings, and extremely icy conditions wherever we walk or drive. Indianapolis homeowners should know just how important it is to winterize their houses to avoid the extensive damage...
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Housing Styles of Indianapolis Neighborhoods

9/24/2019 - Noblesville, IN
When it comes to the variety of home types available, Indianapolis is a fascinating and vibrant city. Throughout the Indy area, there are all types of housing styles, ranging from the historic to the practically futuristic. Take a drive up Meridian or College, and you’ll feel as though you’re on an architectural tour. While there are varied house designs in every neighborhood, there are some you simply can’t miss...
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Residential Window Installation Process

9/10/2019 - Noblesville, IN
Replacing your house’s windows is one of the home exterior upgrades that often leads to energy cost savings, improved comfort and safety inside the home, increases the home’s value, and makes your life as a homeowner more beautiful and bright. There are a few steps to the process of installing a window. Measuring for the new window, old window removal and disposal, and necessary safety precautions for replacing a window are just some...
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Different Kinds of Residential Siding

6/18/2018 - Noblesville, IN
Just like no two houses or families are alike, no one’s siding in Noblesville or Evansville is exactly the same either. Maybe you need something weather resistant, sun resistant, or even crayon resistant if your kids get crazy. At Elbert, we understand that no two siding projects are truly alike and we try to offer variety and value to help meet your specific needs. Use this list of industry-leading siding types to get started with your research.
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Choosing The Right Shingle

5/7/2018 - Noblesville, IN
When it comes to residential roof shingles, the options are seemingly endless, and you might think it doesn’t make a difference beyond the price and the color. However, there are a number of factors to consider to make sure you’ve chosen the best shingle for your house’s roof in Noblesville or Evansville. To brush up on some of the industry leading options from GAF, consult this handy guide.
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